To-Dos Transferred into Calendared Actionable tasks: TRANSFORMATIVE!

Why, oh, why have I never come across this technique in my entire life?
If I had to ask my own brain for the answer, I’d go with:
The past happened exactly as it was supposed to.
When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

There is something soo definitive about morphing a lowly to-do from its lowly to-do status, into a calendared task. It’s as if it graduates to an up-leveled status that we give more respect to. Caterpillar to butterfly. 🐛🦋

The other gem nugget this month that I’ve found mind-blowing is that calendared tasks ARE NOT to be disrespected by not doing them, because if we do that, we are giving evidence to ourselves to solidify underlying beliefs around:
-“See, Self? I knew you couldn’t get it all done.” or “I’m too ‘busy’ to make my dreams come true,” which keeps us in comfortable complacency, aka: The Cave.
-Or the super insidious ones around, “If things get done, shit’s gonna get real, things will fall into place, I’ll create the life of my dreams, and…whoa–that’s scary…then I won’t have evidence to support my beliefs around: Life is Hard, I Can’t, I Didn’t Have the right Childhood to Create this for Myself, What if I Make Mistakes, Now I’m Going to Show People I’m not Perfect, Who Am I To Have All The Things, Now I’m REALLY Going To Piss People Off, Now I’m Really Going To Love Myself.

Wow. After typing all of that, I feel like crying happy tears. Who knew that Time Management had so much wrapped-up into it. So utterly life-changing.

Thank you, Brooke, for being an example of what is possible.

Sending love. xo