To medicate or not?

Hi there. I am brand new to Scholars. I’ve been listening to your podcast and I was ready to take it to the next level and implement the tools. I said “was” because I couldn’t wait for Dec 1st to come…but now we are 9 days in, I have been pushing against it and not showing up for myself. (Typical)

It makes me so happy to hear other people being coached or to read “Ask Brooke” and realize…”oh, other people think/feel/act that way too? Its not just me!” Its such a relief and and unexpected benefit of the program. I’m not alone!! However, its hard to realize what is part of the “normal brain” and what is not….and hard not to think, “is something wrong with me?”

I have ADD. I haven’t been on medication in a long time (and, truly, I never was a fan of taking it). I’m wondering how much of my mental confusion/stagnation/ lack of follow through/lack of success is from that and how much is from not managing my mind. I suppose the only way to really know is to get really good at managing my thoughts by doing models…and whatever inability to focus leftover is due to that? (What do you think?)

Is that going to affect my ability to do the work? Or feel my feelings? I actually think it will help me be more focused and consistent with “the work” not to mention, my job, my parenting, meal planning, cleaning,…and all things in life in general.You should see what a space cadet I am doing thought downloads now…although, is that just buffering?

Ugh, I’m so confused!