To model or not to model? That is the question:)

Hello Brooke!
Are negative thoughts and feelings that don’t have “bad” action and results something to address? This comes up when dealing with my 3 sons, all in their 20s. One recent situation was with my oldest, 28 year old son. He has a live in girlfriend (“the other”). I am no longer the go-to person. Also, he is spending vacation time with her family. My thoughts and feelings of being left out, feeling irrelevant at times comes up for me. I work hard to say all the right things, or in many cases not saying anything at all. I don’t believe that I am acting in anyway that is negative towards him and therefore no negative results. And I don’t really think I have negative results for myself – I don’t drink or eat over it – just feel bad for myself – perhaps jealous. Parenting this age group is so different than the toddler or teen years. One friend calls it “living in containment”. Many of my peers and I talk about this huge shift as a mother. So Brooke, is this something for the model or not?