To teach or not

Hi Brooke,

I agreed to teach at a yoga festival 5 months ago with the agreement from them that I would have a designated table to sell books at after my two workshops. The festival doesn’t pay teachers so I only agreed to do this based on the fact that I could promote and sell my books at the show. Two days ago my assistant followed up again asking what the table and space would look like and the organizer said they no longer had a table at the show for me. So now I am on the bill to teach but they aren’t upholding their end of the agreement. I am struggling with what to do here because while I think it would be fun to teach, I wouldn’t have said yes without selling books. I also am aware that my thoughts are that if I drop out it is going to reflect poorly on me while they look like the ones left in the lurch.

C: email saying I have not space to sell books
T: This is unacceptable, I have helped these people so much and now they are changing the agreement
F: pissed
A: threaten to cancel if they don’t fix it
R: cancel if they don’t fix it or teach and feel resentful