Today was an emotional rollercoaster..
After 2 weeks of holiday I came in to work and had a meeting with my boss.
As I work in a callcenter and every call is recorded incl. What you say after the call.. he caught me saying shitty things about the clients and also about himself…

I was so fucking embarrassed
I also had to listen to the calls again with him
I kept telling myself: you have to go through this cause you made the mess.
And I sat there and felt the feelings.
It was really really reeeeally uncomfortable. Also I stood up an apologized sincerely. And he was really chill about it and isn’t like holding it over me.
I guess I was lucky

But every time I think of it I feel so much shame
Also I don’t want to tell anyone because I feel so embarrassed and ashamed ..

My model:
C: My boss caught me saying that he has no skill and its really embarrassing
T: OMG, I did such an awful thing. He caught me. There are going to be sincere consequences.
F: shame, guilt, anxiety, embarrassed
A: Doing all the right things, not talking to anyone, no gossip etc
R: acting from a place of scarcity

I would love on how you would handle this if you don’t want to make yourself feel worse.

Thanks so much