Today at work

So I work in a call center and as I act really impatient and angry/frustrated with the clients its really hard. The thoughts coming up is always: why do I have to do this now?? You are so stupid!! They don’t get anything. Etc. I feel very comfortable getting mad and angry at them. I try not to but its just i want the phone call to end fast. And solve the problem without them telling me bullshit..
Today a client told me something and I told him “do you want the number or not?!” And he was soo pissed and threatened to report me. As I did unfriendly I immediately felt scared/anxious. My model:
C: I’m going to report you
T: fuck, I messed up! My boss is gonna be mad
F: scared, anxious
A: working but always being on edge. Hoping he’s not reporting
R: uneasy day

C: same
T: I’m a human and I’m allowed to make mistakes
-> but i do this a lot. I just got caught now
Its just an emotion and it can not harm me
F: little bit relieved
A: prepared for the conversation with my boss
R: easier conversation

What do you think?