Today was a bad day

Our 15 year old son was mugged today by five guys. He was going for a walk in our local neighbourhood when he was approached. by them. They demanded his phone and cash but he didn’t have anything of value on him and he told them that. One guy punched him in the face and threw him onto the ground. Then all five of them set on him, punching and kicking him. One of them stamped on him.

He limped home (literally the next street), and was bloody and badly bruised. He was upset and in shock. We reported the incident to the police and comforted him.

This has left me shocked and upset too. I know these are appropriate feelings for me to have right now and so I’m not trying to change them. I have lots of negative thoughts too, which for today I’m not thinking about too closely. These thoughts are understandable for now, and again I don’t feel compelled to work on them today. I just want to be with my family and surround my son with love.

However I have always used the thought “N is safe being on his own in our area during the day” to create feelings of control in the past for when he’s been away from home. I’m already thinking I can no longer use this thought as it’s actually not true – so what now?

Please can you help me to find thoughts and ways to think about this situation, and N’s future safety, in an empowering way?

Than you.