Today’s dare – weight loss goal and massive action

Today’s dare: Set goal to lose 8 lbs (current weight 121, I’m quite petite) in the next two weeks and then maintain that weight or lose up to 7 lbs more to reach my maintenance weight, stopping and regaining only if I feel that I feel better/prefer my body at a higher weight.

Thoughts: That’s impossible. I’m setting myself up to fail and stress out. That’s not healthy/that’s an eating disorder to restrict and lose so quickly. The first weight is always water weight anyway. I’ll crave sugar/carbs and won’t be able to have them. I might be hungry. People would think I’m crazy.

C I just set a goal to lose 8 lbs in the next 2 weeks.
T That’s impossible and I will fail.
F fear, anxious, overwhelm; failure in advance
A stuck in thoughts, take less action; stress eat/avoid my action steps
R don’t lose weight

C I just set a goal to lose 8 lbs in the next 2 weeks.
T I could fail, or I could achieve this. So what if I fail?
F Confidence
A Lay out massive action plan, get to work
R build confidence and lose weight

Massive action:
no more sweets including fruit (except my birthday when with family)
lots of water
work out 5+/per week
no more carby veggies until I reach 112 lbs