todays lifecoach call

Loved the call today! thanks brooke! 🙂
just one question concerning the awesome lady from australia with her husband problem.
I have this same exact scenario with lots of people.. clients, friends etc.
But i just want to scream at them. I immediatly go in the defensive mode. cause i can’t stop me.. its like a drug!!
and i know it should be better if i react with kidness and its softens the whole interaction and also the person. But man.. when i do that i want to bite or break something. i just feel a really odd emotion. like a mix of emberassment and stubbornness.
thoughts like these come up: hell no, i’m going to show you, you are a little piece of sh***.
its like i put all my energy on being mean to the person. I think i have this thought that they just don’t deserve my kindness haha

i guess my question is:
how can I like brooke said tell them the answer i would have if they were nice with me to begin with?
like how can i say HONESTLY: i’m so sorry, i would to it better next time. i should have washed you car..

if i would have said that i would have bitten my finger off because of all my anger. haha

thanks for helping me with this one.