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My goal for the month is to lose 6lbs
As I tried to check off yesterday’s accomplishments I realized my daily plans have been very loosey goosey, resulting in not honoring what I am really wanting – to lose 6lbs.
Not honoring my commitments, time, space, etc. is universal in my life.
So I did these models this a.m.

C – Not honoring my own commitments
T – You are weak, 6 was too much (too freaking many to type)
F – Less than, failing, not with it, not good enough
A – Stop trying – Eat whatever
R – Betraying myself

C – Not honoring my own commitments
T – Act like someone that honors herself. What would someone do that has their own back?
F – Determined? – (I think want to be proud)
A – Create a more detailed daily plan so I know exactly what I need to do to honor that day’s commitments / plan.
R – Living in integrity with myself and what I want.

Are these correct / or is there a better way of doing these?