Today’s Thought Download/Models, THANK YOU!

Hello Brooke,

I think I nailed it today, what do you think!


Thought Download:
So today was interesting. I got the notice that my dress for the wedding arrived. When I got home, I was so excited to try it on, I even call my Mom to come over and see it. I opened the package and realized that they had sent me the wrong size, it was a 22, 6 sizes to big, I ordered a 16. So I go on-line to check and the 16 is completely sold out. So I can feel that I am starting to get frustrated and I take a deep breath and call the store on Novi where I purchased it. They are so upset. They call around and find a 16 in stock at Great Lakes Crossing, about 15 minutes or so from my sister. Perfect. They ask GLC to hold the dress for me and call me back. She tells me that because I have been so nice they have asked them to hold it an extra day, steam clean/press it so it is perfect and give me an additional discount! HAPPY DANCE. I call sister (who is a teacher and is home for the Summer). Can you please go and pick-up the dress, she says yes, although it felt like a I don’t really want to but I will. Next thing I know she is calling me to tell me that her hubby is going to pick it up after work tomorrow. Now BIL is not always my favorite and I worry about him picking up my dress in his truck, which is usually full of dead animals or fish and I feel myself getting upset, I take a deep breath, remind myself to be thankful for the help, and tell sister how much I appreciate her helping me out and hang up. My Mom calls, anxious to confirm the dress is all set and she states her shock and awe that sister would allow BIL to get my dress and I can feel the sense of dread coming on again, another deep breath. Mom love you, gotta go. Now I sit down with my tea and think about this entire situation. Sister is thin, always has been, and has 20 dresses in her closet. She has never had the issues I have had finding clothes. She is probably thinking, no big deal, it’s a dress for a wedding, if it doesn’t work out I can wear something I have. How could she understand my weight loss, size changes, concerns about the dress. I can understand her position when I realize how she is thinking about the situation. On to Mom, she just wants to fix it for me, so I am happy and then she can not worry about me. I understand her thinking, because I have for so long done stuff to people please so everyone would be happy so I would feel better. I can see what she is probably thinking and I understand why she is trying to make it all better, “We will work it out, don’t worry, it will be fine, I love you”. And now on to me, I am thinking I got a $120 for $23 when it was all said and done. And it is steamed cleaned and zipped in a garment bag. The store staff were amazing and took such good care of me. It all worked out just like it was supposed to. Worst case, I will drive up and get it myself on Friday PM or Saturday. There is no reason to worry and what good would it do anyway. I called the store, paid for the dress, explained who was coming to get it and thanked them for all their assistance. Everything worked out just exactly like it was supposed to, because I now had a steamed cleaned pressed dressing coming, not one in a shipping bag! Holy crap this works! There was a time not so long ago I would have gotten so upset and called and yelled at the on-line staff and the store. Now I was able to be calm and look at how everything unfolded 😊 HAPPY DANCE!

C: I was shipped the wrong size dress
T: Are they kidding me, what am I going to do, this is terrible, what a massive mistake, someone will pay
F: Livid
A: Think about calling and screaming at the shop, fuss, worry, think the worst, I will never be ready for this wedding
R: I still have no dress, continue to believe this is terrible and someone should pay

C: I was shipped the wrong size dress
T: I will call the store, they will help me figure it out, if they don’t have the dress I will find something that will work
F: Determined
A: Call the store, talk out the problem and solution, determine what we can do
R: I have a steamed cleaned and pressed dress, paid for with a pick-up plan at an amazing price.