Toddler Brain In Control

I started out the last two weeks using Monday Hour One and 24 hour protocol for eating. I felt really in control and pleased with the progress I was making over the holiday season.

Then, over the last two weeks its as if someone took over my brain. I didn’t follow my 24 hour protocol leading to a weight gain of 6 pounds and I totally ignored the schedule I had laid out for myself in Monday Hour One.

It felt as if my brain was hijacked and I was making so many decisions out of impulse and not taking a second to check in with myself or ignoring myself when I tried to do that.

Even though I know it’s my thoughts I am feeling really disappointed with myself. Especially with the weight gain. I thought I had evolved and was looking forward to the holiday season being one without weight gain and with productivity.

I would like some help through this to get past my disappointment in myself and make this more of a learning experience.

Thank you!