Toddler Brain Is Running The Show. Down With Teaching Done With Discipline

Hello, I recently was reassigned in my position to a high school remedial reading class. Gr9. I am having a lot of discipline problems. I am currently working on building relationships by giving them journals and asking them to tell me birthday, interests, hobbies, etc,. Some are totally hostile, saying they don’t do the work and I’ve even had some who when doing computer work are able to have the computer say obscenities, and of course the rest of the class is laughing and I feel totally useless. I know I cannot get into power struggles with them and have asked for administrative support. I know I am judging them and their brains are not developed yet and I’m judging myself for not just walking away. I want to do a good jobs And get a good evaluation so I can get another job. I’m in a contract and it doesn’t run out until July 2020. In the meantime how can I work on feeling better? I have surrendered to the circumstance: I’m teaching. Thought: I hate it feeling: depressed Action: feel sorry for myself R: still getting no where. I know this is ridiculous. Why do I think I shouldn’t have to teach them. Others do. I know I can work on more classroom management strats. I know it’s not really about me when they act out. Some are embarrassed that they are in a remedial Rdg class. Some, I’ve noticed don’t need it. Some do as they’re probably dyslexic. Help me straighten my thinking out. I know it’s illogical.