Toddlers, RAGE And Urges

I started doing the urge jar about 2 months ago and have lost 9kg. Yay! But I have noticed I feel angry and have this uncontrollable rage that comes up a lot. I have a toddler (almost 3) and a 4 month old and used to have so much patience, but now that I’m not buffering with food and social media I feel I’m just angry all the time. Always yelling at my son and almost wanting to take my anger out on him. I don’t like the person I have become!! I have also lost momentum with allowing urges after a very stressful few weeks and my weight loss has slowed in response. When I was processing urges and losing weight I thought I’d finally found the answer and that I’d never regain the weight again as I was finally addressing the reason I was overeating, but then life happened and now the doubts are creeping back in ‘it was too good to be true’ ‘of course you will fail again’ ‘you can’t lose the last 5kg and keep it off forever!’. What happened!! So this question is about how to deal with my anger and hopefully lessen it! And how to get motivated again to stay on the weightloss journey. My urge jar is almost full so I’m thinking starting again fresh for another 100 urges and the last 5kg as a new goal? I’m trying to stay positive and remind myself it’s a journey and I’m learning and it takes practice but that almost gives me permission to allow urges because I can ‘keep practicing with the next one’ and by saying ‘I’m in no rush I know I’ll get there’ it also makes me think giving into an urge here or there doesn’t matter in the long run.