Tone of voice

C: My husband’s tone of voice when he speaks to our kids is very harsh. This happens all the time, he said to our youngest, Why did you get those cups down, now they are ruined!
T: I wish he could hear how he sounds, I wish he would talk differently to them, I wish he was a better father.
F: Frustrated and defeated
A: I said nothing, when I do, it just makes him more hostile if I point out to him how he could have responded. Although this is my daughter’s model, she responded by saying, they (the cups) can be washed. My husband responded, no they can’t. My thought was yes they can.
R: I’m not sure what my result is, I’m trying to use the work and thought models but it feels like nothing is changing.

I need some help, I want to help our family, I’ve been thinking maybe we shouldn’t be a family anymore, I hate being around my husband. I guess I don’t understand how changing my thoughts will change the circumstance. Help please