Tonight’s call 2/8/17-Topic?

Hi, Brooke. I am listening to the call tonight, and a little disappointed that the conversations are not related to this week’s work on Self-pity. I listened to the podcast, did the homework, and thought that the questions selected would tie back to this topic. As much as I appreciate that there are questions that individuals have, the value to me doesn’t resonate, as I’m hear to learn more about the subject. I almost feel like the questions coming in tonight are personal, and related more to that individual and perhaps better addressed one on one. None of them connect me and I find myself waiting for the time to pass. Perhaps you didn’t get enough questions around the topic? I love you, and your work- I’m just struggling so far in the program to feel like there’s an actual coaching component on the topics. Please let me know if my expectations aren’t consistent with your intent, as I am feeling sad that I’m wondering if I should stay in the program. I love you, but this is a big financial commitment, and the coaching calls were one of the reasons I thought this would connect me more to your work, beyond listening to the podcasts, and working on my own on your feedback.