Too comfortable to leap

Hi there. I’m currently in a job/business situation where I feel I can’t live my purpose. On the other side, this job/business situation provides me with comfort. So I started wondering whether I’m too comfortable to make a move. Here are my models:

C – Job/business situation
T – I’m too comfortable to leap
F – Restricted
A – Do not enjoy comfort, complain about circumstances, long for drastic change, do not take action
R – No progress

This makes me question if I need discomfort to grow …
I also tried an intentional model:

C – Job/business situation
T – My current comfort enables me to leap (some day)
F – Empowered
A – Enjoy comfort, seize opportunities, take action
R – Progress

When I look at this, I’m annoyed because I want to leap right now.
Probably because I’m living in the unintentional model that makes me feel restricted.
Any ideas how to go from here?