Too Compassionate

It seemed like such a crazy awakening moment when I realized that I actually am TOO compassionate. I am always concerned about others’ feelings to the point where I find it so hard to beat someone at a game of cards because I feel so badly for them. It makes me feel ridiculous, but also it grips me tightly when it comes to making hard decisions. Decisions that could effect others (literally every decision we make in life) make me feel tension and worry and guilt. How do I change this or is it ok to carry this? I find that being this way makes me buffer… a lot… it keeps me from doing things that would be good for ME because they are sometimes not so good for the other person. I’m not just talking about “don’t tell her she has spinach in her teeth because she will be embarrassed”… I’m talking about like life altering decisions that need to be made. I find it hard to say no when I should say yes. I find it hard to say yes when I should say no. Thanks for your help with this. I’d love to run through a model on it if you could?