Too easily discouraged and overwhelmed

I think I am too easily discouraged.
I am a physician, so got through college, med school, grad school, which to me seems to mean that I should not be a person who gets discouraged and overwhelmed, but I am.
I am newly single with young children and a house. The house has issues. I get very concerned about these issues and fret about them in my mind, worry about what it will mean – mold in the house for example when there is water leaking through the walls – that I won’t be able to afford it, that I don’t have time to deal with this problem. I feel as if I have a list of problems and issues to deal with and I’m knocking some off, “avoiding” (not sure about this, or if I just can’t get to them all in one day) and there just continues to be a growing list. Occasionally I find a moment when I don’t have something to I have to / or could do at the moment and I feel a bit of relief. Otherwise I’m going through life overwhelmed and discouraged – yet still trudging through each day.

C: open curtains and see new cracks in wall window frame
T: oh no, this could be a big problem that will cost a lot of money I don’t have
F: overwhelmed/discouraged.
A: decide to wait until the rainy season is over and that I am going to need to have someone out, but I don’t even know who that would be. A contractor? I don’t even know who would do this work. I think I also have the problem of the water that was leaking through the wall and making the carpet wet, and the gutters we didn’t clean for years and how I’m not good enough because I haven’t kept up on this, and annoyed with my ex-husband that he didn’t keep up on house things and that too many things fell to me and I didn’t get them all done – I couldn’t be in charge of remembering all of the things that need to be done and doing them while working and caring for/organizing things for my children. Think about how if we couldn’t keep up with things when there were two of us here, there is no way I can keep up with everything as a single working mom, and now I have to work more, and get to see my kids less…. Then I just want to go hide somewhere, yet I keep working and active and doing things all the time, but not really enjoying or being present. …. And as you can see this is a lot.
R: I’m not making money or solving the problem?

I feel as if I just need to take a different action – instead of doing this model, I should search online or ask friends who they would call for a crack in their wall, and then call that person, but then I tell myself I don’t have the money to pay them the massive amount it will probably be. Then I feel annoyed with my old lawyer who told me to stop fixing things at my house when we were going through the divorce process and then when I asked her about my husband paying for deffered maintenance, she told me it was too late and why didn’t I tell her that before (which I had). Then I just feel angry and irritable and that I keep getting screwed and I want to get away to a totally different life in a different state where people are not like this, but I can’t move unless I leave my children..

I guess I should focus on the T line instead, but I don’t know what to tell myself here.
As I write that I think you will suggest that I write “this is part of life” or “I can handle this” or “I can do hard things” or “I can figure this out.” But I don’t really believe any of these, except this is part of life, to which my brain responds that I didn’t sign up to be doing this alone and I can’t do it all alone.
I’m sure you see another way with this. Embarrassing that I am stuck.