Too Many Areas To Focus On?

Hi. I love that this month is living your purpose. I’m having a hard time because there are personal goals that I would like to work on like starting my own business, but there is also work- my job, that is very time demanding and I have work goals that I would like to focus on also. My question is should I focus on the goals from work or focus on a dream that I have to start my own business? My unintentional model looks like this:

C- living my life purpose T- I want to start a business with my husband, but then there’s work, my job. F- discouraged A- ruminate in negativity and do nothing R- continue with my day job and only dream about my business.

Intentional model C- same. T-I can’t wait to start my company with my husband. I’ve selected my niche. F- energized/committed A- research steps to get started and select a date to launch R- I’m living one of my dreams.

Once I start working at school, I feel like a hamster on a wheel and it takes over my life. I really want to start my business. Thank you for your advice.