Too many coaches!

I am in LCS certification right now, about to finish in March. Yay!
I am enrolled in Scholars for free through August (a bonus for being a certifying coach– double yay!)
I hired a LCS coach to coach me one on one last fall and still work with her.
I also listen to Brooke’s podcast and Stacey’s podcast often.
I want to join 2K for 2K soon.
And I have like 5 other non-LCS programs I keep seeing and wanting to join.

I feel like this is way too much consumption right now.
My brain is feeling overloaded in information and is struggling to constrain the way I want to.

How much coaching is too much? I feel like I’ve already crossed that line.

Any advice for constraint? I find myself doing a similar thing with goals too. I have my one impossible goal for the year, but I keep having goal envy and wanting to add more too my plate. I guess the feeling I need to allow is deprivation or “missing out”? Please give me new thought ideas and feelings I could aim for.

Please help!