Too Many Goals

I’m struggling because I have so many goals I’d like to meet for myself. I want to reach six figure in my business next year… because currently my business is not fully supporting me and my family. I know I can build my business to 6-figures and beyond, but this hurdle still feels big and the path to get there still somewhat unclear. At the same time, I want to reach 138 lbs, and I want to learn Spanish, and I want to get stronger fitness/cardio wise. All of my goals feel like big long term goals. And it sucks to feel like I have to pick just one, when I want them all to be part of my reality. It’s like, I’ll have a really solid, productive day working on my business. I’ll have stuck to my goals and time schedule, I’ll have accomplished a lot. Then I want to relax and celebrate with food and alcohol and unwind. Then I feel guilty about that later because it doesn’t align with my eating goals. I’ll also feel guilty because we often go out and eat and spend money, which reminds me that I need to make more money. Then I’m just overwhelmed because I’m only meeting half of my goals and I’m feeling irresponsible. And then, I feel bad about worrying about money because maybe I’m somehow “attracting” bad unabundant thoughts into my subconscious… which will somehow result in me making less money instead of more…and then I’m like, I have no idea what I’m doing. Palm-to-face. I know focus on one goal should be my main thing. But how do you drop the “Desire” of your other goals. How do you break the spiral when you see it start to happen. I’ll notice it now… and I’ll be like, oh it makes sense there it is… but I don’t feel like I’m correcting the issue. I want to live my days feeling accomplished, happy and grateful for the progress I’ve made, and abundant with gifts and opportunities. But I lose sight of that so easily it feels like. I also want to make a lot of money, so I never feel lack. 🙂