Too Many Meetings – Model Review

Hi There! I’d love some help with the model that came out of my thought download today. I don’t “love” meetings whether via zoom or in person and find that my favorite days are days when I have zero meetings on the calendar. Knowing this, I try to space them out so I don’t feel drained/overwhelmed. I can’t seem to get the “feeling” out of my R line. Additionally, I want to be sure I understand the difference between intentional and unintentional models: unintentional is reactionary and done based on how you are feeling/thinking at the moment. Intentional model would be based on how you want to feel/think/results you’d like to create. Do I have that right? If so my unintentional model looked like this:

C: There are meetings scheduled for this week.
T: I’d rather be doing other things instead of having meetings.
F: Resentful
A: Honor the commitment and meet with the people I’m scheduled to meet.
R: Feel like I’m at the effect of/victim to/ not in control of my time.

Alternatively, I tried an intentional model starting with the T line:
C: No meetings scheduled
T: I have spaciousness in my day(s) to complete the work that benefits my clients at the highest level.
F: Autonomy / Freedom
A: Go about my day completing work I enjoy (by myself) with no meetings on the agenda.
R: Have the appropriate amount of time to complete the most important work that benefits my clients at the highest level (which I *feel* is the best use of my time).

Any insights/adjustments would be appreciated. Thank you for your help and time!