too many tasks paralysis

I am trying to get my thesis finished I find myself flitting between tasks and getting into a paralysis about the best way to do extremely minor and possible insignificant things.
C: thesis deadline
T: God there’s an overwhelming amount to do
F: overwhelm
A: nothing. flick through different word documents, don’t give myself time process anything properly, feel guityy no matter what I am doing because I am worried I’m doing the wrong thing. Do not stick to plans I make myself because it takes me ages to get to the action that matters, cause I do a lot of anxious, low grade “busy work” a lot of the time.
R: the amount left to do stays overwhelming, and becomes MORE overwhelming

C: same
T: I can only process things one thing at a time
F: slightly calmer
A: Breathe and try to look at the plan for tomorrow. plan thinking that nothing has gone wrong, and that I trust myself to take myself through the stages of this task. I will work it out, and keep trying to work it out.
R: one thing at a time, the task gets done