Too much compassion?

Hi coaches, thank you for taking the time to answer.

Is it possible to have too much compassion for oneself?

I used to be really hard and judgemental on myself and wanting to control circumstances, beating myself up when things didn’t go to plan, etc. In the last year I have shifted to being more compassionate, focus in the moment, accepting of circumstances as neutral, open and curious about my own actions/reactions. Is it possible to be too compassionate and using compassion as a buffer?

Example: yesterday I had a day where I could not get much done for my business because I kept having thoughts/fears/doubts pop into my mind and derailing every single activity on my schedule. I used all the techniques available to me ie. square breathing, feeling the feelings, being curious and not resisting them, having compassion, self coaching, running models on them, ladder thoughts, taking action for the first 5 minutes, .

I wonder, can having compassion for myself be a form of buffering?

Thank you for your thoughts