Too much exercise

My current goal is to stop overeating and thrive at my ideal weight. I have about 10lbs to go. I am doing much better but still overeat on occasion and am in the process of really nailing it. No flour, no sugar, 2 meals a day. I am currently doing some form of exercise every day. Cardio 2 days a week, weights 2 days a week, and a workout class 3 days a week. I was doing this for 5 months PRIOR to starting SCS. I enjoy the classes and the muscle tone I am seeing from the weights but I do not enjoy the cardio, particularly because I am getting up at 5am to do it before work. I listened to some of the information you have about exercise not being particularly helpful for overeating and weight loss and I am wondering if I should cut back or stop exercising? I am nervous about this idea because I am used to exercising every day. On one of the podcasts I also heard that exercising a lot can decrease willpower and can also increase appetite. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe just cut out the cardio I do not enjoy but keep the classes and the weights?