Too much love in a relationship

I’ve done a thought download trying to figure out the root of the problem here and I am trying to figure out how to handle the situation so I don’t feel guilty and bad all the time.
I will give one instance out of many because me and my husband had a long conversation about this specific event the other day.
I am doing the urge jar right now and doing a specific eating window so when I get home from work around 6;30pm I have already eaten. My husband is totally on board with it and loves that i’m doing it. Well we are neighbors to my husbands parents so his mom made some dinner for us the other night so we planned to go over and eat around 6;30. When I got home that day I told my husband i was super tired and felt hungry. So when we got over there he was in a hurry trying to get the kids food so we could take it back over to our house and relax and i wouldn’t be tempted with the food. It was really a nice gesture. Well when we got there, his mom was having dinner with everyone and i wanted to stay and chat and let the kids play with their aunt and uncle. When i told him i wanted to stay he said ok but i could tell he was annoyed.
So the next day we start talking about it. He says that I am always tired and sad when I get home and he doesn’t like that. He says that yesterday he thought i wanted to just grab food and get out of there so I wouldn’t be tempted and I was tired so i could relax at home so he was mad that i din’t want to do that even though i had said earlier i was tired and hungry. So i just felt confused. Now i am feeling annoyed because he is getting mad at me for not agreeing with everything he wants me to do- and he claims it is for me that he does these things.
can you help?
How can I handle this situation because it comes up a lot?
How can i change me so i can be better and feel good about these situations?