"too much" showing up at work


I am in a new job and feel I am forcing myself to say things during meetings, to show that I am taking the job seriously ; I have another new colleague that speaks a lot and is not afraid of putting herself forward, and I feel in competition with her. Also on my previous job, my former manager said to me at the beginning that I wasn’t speaking enough during meetings and in front of the client.

One of my models is :
C. Meetings with 10 people
T. I have to force myself to say things on the different subjects and show that I am “taking” the job
F. Forced
A. I interrupt people during the meeting, say some things interesting and other not, I feel a bit agressive, not in my usual tone of voice, I feel stressed, I am more concentrated on myself than on the subjects
R. I am forcing and tiring myself and not showing up the best I could

IM :
T. I will say things only if I can bring value to the conversation
F. Determined ? Self worth ?
A. I stay calm, listen carefully, speak on the subjects I am in charge of, have a nice tone of voice, smile, keep learning to be better at my new job, take my time, don’t care what my new colleagues and manager can think.
R. I bring value to myself and to the meeting

Thank you for your insight