Too much to schedule

I am in the process of implementing Monday Hour One. I feel like this one tool alone could really change my life, and I want to believe I can make this work for me.

I went to do my to-do list download. If I truly put down everything that I have swimming in my head, on multiple pieces of paper (so helpful, I know!) and on my Trello app into my to-do list download I will be writing for a couple of hours to just capture it, then need several hours to schedule it all. I run a small business, work a part time job as an education coordinator, take care of a home and family, am primary caregiver for my medically-complex disabled chil and medical POA for my mom with dementia, so I handle coordinating most of her needs. I know I am not a special unicorn but I feel like I must be missing something here. The example in the video was so different from my to-do list download that I gave up until I could ask for help. I know the word “restraint” may be used somewhere in your response, and I am excited to be shown the way.