Over the Top September Goals

I am so excited and elated and inspired and even though I’ve never really liked this phrase for a positive descriptor–I’m on fire!

Here’s my September goal: create my starter/basic website w/blog capacity as well as my new starter logo and record and post to YouTube at least the first/initial video of my weekly posts. I will know I will have it completed when I have each of those three things in existence and done. (I call them “starter” because B work is good enough. I just need to get something created. Perfection isn’t necessary. )

I have shifted my inspired idea of doing a weekly podcast chronicling my journey from letting fibromyalgia rule my life as I buffer it away in my cave to getting my life back, living again, re-engaging in life and how I coach myself along the way to blowing my own damn mind. So I’m still doing that, but now it’s in video form so my soon-to-be followers can SEE the transformations taking place. Say what??? And, I’m not the least bit fearful of doing this.

(For context, I had major fear of putting myself and my business out there on FB and social media when I got my coaching certification, and consequently did nothing with it. And every business coach/expert I spoke with or followed along the way that touted how necessary it was to be doing FB Live and being very visible and public on FB etc didn’t help. It just didn’t feel authentic to me and there was so much fear around it.) The fact that there is none for recording videos and posting them to YouTube and announcing them however I do that confirms for me that this is what I’m supposed to be doing, that this is my best way of serving right now. And I owe this to whichever month we told a new story and I worked on figuring out how to use my fibromyalgia experience in a positive way.

And I’m so excited by this description of what my video series (vlog or whatever) is about. It is so inspired. It still needs a wee bit of refinement, but behold:

“Putting the L.I.F.E. Back Into My Life” where L.I.F.E. stands for

L. Love where I am each day.
I. Impossible is removed from my vocabulary.
F. Feel the feels.
E. Engage in life.

And if all that isn’t enough,I was inspired to do a second workbook to partially work thru for the day job to manage the many projects hanging out there too long and creating a cluttered mind and contributing to a sense of overwhelm. So during my j.o.b. workday I’ll be kicking Ass getting stuff accomplished much more than I presently do and I’ll be coming home accomplishing amazing stuff for my coaching business. Together, I will be getting more done in September than I’ve probably ever accomplished during 30 days. These thoughts are making that possible:

I can do hard things.
Discomfort is the currency to my dreams.
Impossible is removed from my vocabulary.
This is going to be so much FUN!

I reached VIP status today. Yay! Fitting that this is the month I blow the lid off!

Mary in Dallas