Totally awesome dare today!

Hey Brooke, so I’m totally all in on the dares and I’m looking for the most awkward, uncomfortable dare situations. I had a shooting match today – me and 20 other men. The guy, Alan, who runs the match is not a warm, friendly, people person. I’ve been shooting with him two years. When Bill and I walked into the range, I told Bill I was going to ask Alan if I could shoot for free today. (There’s the range fee and the match fee.) Bill gave me a look, but I didn’t make it mean anything. I walked right out to Alan and asked if I could shoot for free and he said NO but I didn’t make it mean anything. Then – about 10 minutes later, Alan comes and finds me. He smiles and tells me how much he appreciates my helping out and thanks me. SCORE! Double dog dare done (for today).

Also, here’s my question for the day: Do you have a preference for an online macro calculator? If so, which one? May I have the link?