Totally embarrassed

After a drink with my friend at our local cider place (I had kombucha), she had to leave and I pulled out my computer to work. The wifi wasn’t connecting and I asked the worker for help. As he’s showing me the wifi on my computer I realized I have all my Models Notes displayed all over my desktop about my weight from the Overeating class. Words like, “I don’t want to fail again.” “Shame, Doubt, Anger, Hopeless” “Overeat” “Would you rather eat ice cream or meet Oprah?” and my actual current weight number. In addition to my Notes being open, my messenger was also open with some sexy texts from my hubby. OMG, this guy probably thinks I’m nuts. My ears are turning red. I’m 50% laughing but 50% sweating.

C – Guys sees my weight number, my emotional issues, and sexy texts.
T – I’m so embarrassed.
F – Shaky
A – Kicking myself for not being more aware before I asked.
R – Can’t focus on my work

Maybe I can change it, but I can’t even come up with a new thought.