totally failing at this

I signed up to SCS in feb, specifically for weightloss but also for the other topics, but 5 months later, not only have I not lost any weight, but I’m feeling worse than ever about myself for not doing the work on scs.

I have no one else to blame but myself, but am also really struggling to fit listening to the podcasts, reading the workbooks etc around my schedule, and then get overwhelmed that I’m so behind.

It’s weird because I am so type-A with everything else – extremely career oriented and driven, and always making things happen, but I just can’t seem to prioritize this over my work etc, even when I know I need to.

I feel so pathetic that I can’t get this weightloss thing kicked once and for all – I shouldn’t need someone holding my hand to guide me through it, my own health and many other reasons should be enough, but I’m just really struggling.

Any advice would be great!