Toxic relationship with sister follow-up

I get what you’re saying about viewing her behavior as neutral, but while I understand that intellectually, I’m having trouble really *getting* it. Can you help me introduce new thoughts that could pave a pathway to getting there?

This is where I’m currently at:
C – Sister
T – Her behavior doesn’t have to have a negative impact on me
F – Centered, non-reactive
A – Don’t react
R – Me avoiding my sister while she stills behaves the way she behaves?

What other thoughts or feelings would help this sink in more so that I actually feel it?
Because right now I am just avoiding her at best. I sit with it and do my work to let it go. But then I have trouble when it continues to build.
I would like to not feel the way I do even when the behavior continues and builds, but I’m having trouble with finding the internal pathway to that.