Toxic staff member

Hi Brooke
Typing that title is problematic I know and yet… I have a loud, aggressive, moody, unhealthy staff member who disrupts people who work around her (banging things on her desk when she is upset), speaks really loudly and takes calls on speaker, gets angry at staff (people have written up complaints about her), does not say hello or good morning when she is greeted… She is taking up a lot of head space for me.

I do also see her as more than this – I see her as smart, a problem solver, creative, caring and also bored with her present position. I have suggested various courses to upskill for next position, provided feedback on her behaviour (went over like a lead balloon) and basically feel apprehensive in approaching her daily. Ugh. I am not going to change her – got that. I do have a manual for office workers – professional standards, don’t need to be friends but do need civility and professional conduct.

I really want to focus on the good – her strengths and find it super tricky as there is so much crap going on. My thoughts about her are far from neutral.
T-she is rude and unprofessional
A-wait for the next blow up/issue/aggression
R – hate coming to work and facing her shit

F- I would like happy here but am ready to start with neutral
A- Make space for her ideas and also clarify professional expectations
R- Fewer shit shows

Can you help me clean up my thinking?
Thank you!