Training after work

I’ve been working on my thoughts on getting myself to train after my work day.

I thought I had find the right model to help me, but didn’t get to do it anyway yet.

My unintentionnal model :
C : training planned after work day
T : It’s gonna be exhausting
F : Stress
A : Stressing my self out all day, trying to finish early, being agitated to get all done as fast as possible, trying to control my boyfriend so things get done faster, doing mistakes at work because of the stress and having to work harder to fix them
R : I am exhausting myself even before training hour

The new model I thought to practice :
C : Training planned after work day
T : The training could actually give me my energy back
E : Self-love
A : I train being present with myself, looping incident, breathing in, being in mindfulness just like when I do yoga on the morning, I let all my work thoughts go like a mental shower
R : I get my energy back from my training

I’m able to feel it, to visualise it. But didn’t actually make it true the next day… any advice? Thanks.