Training my mind – even in Target :)

Hi Brooke!
I saw someone else post a positive result and thought I would share mine. Went to Target today to do my monthly trip and what my old brain would have noticed is how busy it is, how hot it is out, how there were at least 4 kids melting down and parents also losing their patience, how starbucks walking out seems sooooo appealing, how I need a treat to end this overwhelming trip. Which I did notice those initial reactions and then came the peace. I knew the parents were doing the best they could, the kids were tired and hot, I can handle a busy shopping trip, I didn’t buffer with overspending, I didn’t even look at starbucks when I left, and I had this internal peace even with what some would call chaos around me. Huge for me!!! I started noticing all the happy people and all the good around me!

Thank you!