Training my mind for long runs

In January I agreed to run a marathon in the Fall to raise money for my friend’s charity. I started training in April. I have been following my training plan. On my Sunday long run I did 14 miles. For some reason, I found it very difficult. The fact that I started late in the morning and it was humid played a part in my thoughts for sure.

This week is an easy long run on Sunday. But I am obsessing about the next long run – 16 miles in 10 days. Mentally, I am telling myself that it is going to be tiring. Must get up earlier. But it will still be a long run. In the past I’ve run 3 to 4 half marathons every year. Half marathons have definitely become less of a challenge since I have run the equivalent of 3 half marathons in the past month on my Sunday long runs. I want to tell myself that running a marathon is easy for me. I am not there yet.

Here is my unintentional model:

C:  Training plan calls for running 16 miles for the weekly long run in 10 days
T:  I feel tired just thinking about it
F:  Dread
A:  Follow my daily training plan, use mental games to distract to from miles and take in the trees and natural environment, wave at people when I run, I don’t run with music, I don’t run listening to podcasts to distract me from the miles
R: Dreading the upcoming 16 mile run

I want to create to an intentional model where I feel confident in doing long runs.