Training next week

C: Next week training with colleague
T: When I’m on the road it will be harder to eat exactly as planned, the thought “f*ck it” might arise
F: Nervous
A: Focus a lot on food instead of my job, I worry/ruminate about how I will handle situations out of my control, I don’t find evidence to support that I can traverse the river of misery. I find more and more thoughts that indicate I will crack if things get too hard.
R: I collect evidence ahead of time that I won’t be able to do this

Sneaky little brain! I want to practice thoughts that build confidence in my ability to traverse the river of misery. My future self says “This is not a problem. I plan the best I can, and I am a very good planner – if I can’t follow exactly what I planned, it also isn’t a problem. If I feel hunger, it’s also not a problem. I have allowed the feeling of hunger many times before, and it certainly doesn’t have to interfere with my ability to do my job well. In fact, fasting improves brain function, so maybe it even makes me smarter and BETTER at my new job. I’ll set myself up for success by having dinner already prepared at home so if I am extra hungry – which, also isn’t a problem – I don’t have to work to cook at the end of a long day. None of this is a problem, we 100% got this.”

My future self is a badass. She doesn’t feel nervous, she feels confident and in-control always because she knows she can manage her mind, and that she’s very good at managing her mind. ​

Here’s my future self’s intentional model.

C: Training next week with colleague
T: Eating on protocol and hunger are not problems for me, ever.
F: Confident and focused on work
A: I bring my prepared lunch, I do my meal prep. I allow my hunger when it arises, I eat what is available without drama, I have easy, ready-made dinners at home. I don’t overstretch myself by overcommitting to things I won’t want to do. I don’t complain about being starving, in my mind or out-loud. I am totally focused on being a rockstar at work, I am fully engaged and managing my mind the whole time.
R: Eating on protocol and hunger are not problems for me. AND, I become a rockstar at work, AND I further prove the power of my mind.

Open to feedback.

PS: My protocol is simple, coffee/tea in the morning, two meals (lunch and dinner), no sugar, flour isn’t absolutely off limits as I do occasionally have some bread, lots of protein / fat heavy and lots of veggies. I understand I could tighten this up, but right now for me this is working. If I feel the need to restrict bread further, but right now I don’t have an issue with it. I try to have my meals around 700 calories each and this is working, I’ve lost almost 7lbs in a month.