Transfer fees

I have written a book and one of the places its sold is on Amazon. Every month I receive money in my bank account from Amazon for the books that are sold on their site,

Last week I got an email from them to say I needed to go into the sellers dash board and up date my bank account details by putting a 0 in front of my bank account information. If I didn’t do that, then I would be charged wire transfer costs, which I know are quite high.
At first I thought it sounded so strange I thought it must me a hoax. But it isn’t.
So I logged into the dashboard..or tried . I had to put my telephone number in and then they texted me a code. Which I typed in and then it would say it wasn’t recognized. I did this 3 times. Then tired to up date my password with email verification.
This didn’t work either.
I emailed their support team and haven’t heard back.
I am pretty frustrated because , they are the one that made the changes and , I am going to have to pay for through the wire transfer fees.
They only sent the email with the instructions a day or so before the payments go into bank account. And because the dashboard isn’t working and there support team isn’t responded there was no wiggle room for delays.

I feel so mad and frustrated I feel blocked doing any practical actions. Plus the practical actions are going involve my time, which to be honest I don’t really have right now.