Transition on the job

I’m at a crossroads. My company is being acquired, and I’m feeling like the time is right for me to branch out on my own (entrepreneur module timing – wow!). But I am struggling with two things: (1) everyone (not an exaggeration thus far) is encouraging me to continue on and at least try with the new company, esp since I’m a single mom, and not “throw away” a very generous salary for uncertainty and risk of starting my own business, and (2) abandoning my staff to a scary transition without my presence and guidance. (I actually use the model in managing them, to great outcomes.)

I’ve done thought downloads for days, but my models feel crazy and all over the place. I can’t seem to narrow it all down to help in my decision-making. I reeeeally want to branch out. I have a business plan, a forecasted P&L, have invested in the groundwork already. I would launch Jan 1. On the other hand, I have no really “good” reason not to just take the offer and get absorbed into the new company and collect a fat paycheck except… I don’t want to.

C – Company was sold.
T – Staying and helping the whole company transition well, and collecting a very nice salary, is the responsible thing to do.
F – Trapped, unhappy, unfulfilled
A – Lack of total presence, poor performance
R – A lack of pride in my work, knock on my reputation, putting my staff at risk in the transition

C – Company was sold.
T – This is a sign that the timing is right for me to move on.
F – Excited, nervous
A – Hustle
R – Might struggle for a year until the profit is realized, but will be happy and showing my daughter that we don’t have to make choices out of fear

C – Company was sold.
T – I’m abandoning people who are counting on me.
F – Guilty, disctracted
A – Hesitation, second guessing
R – Take a hit on my motivation and focus for new business

C – Company was sold.
T – I’m going to lean in, leverage this transition experience for the future when I launch my own business.
F – Reinvigorated, purposeful
A – Show up completely at the new job at the new company
R – More experience for growth, whether the experience is “good” or “bad”

I could go on and on. The issue is that these models are all true in my head at the same time! Any recommendations for getting over this hump to using the model toward an actual decision?