Transitioning from single to marriage mindset

I’ve never been married. Now I’m in my 50s and marriage is knocking on the door.

Major adjustment having to change from independent woman mindset to marriage mindset. I feel myself fighting this.

At times, I feel like I have to let go of a significant part of who I am. I like my freedom and flexibility. I like only having to consult myself on decisions in my life. But I also do want a lifelong partner.

I feel like I’m stuck in this gray area, and desperately need to decide which side of the fence I’m going to be on. I’m experiencing some anxiety. I have mixed feelings due to the level of responsibility that comes along with this.

I hear horror stories and good stories about marriage. My parents have been married for 55 years.

Marriage has always been a part of my plan. But my career took off, and I didn’t look back. Now, here I am, loving my life, loving my independence, loving my freedom, with a great boyfriend. But now he wants to get married.

How do I get to a place where I can clearly decide what’s best for my life – single or marriage?