Trauma and the Brain

I recently read something which listed the behaviors/feelings associated with ‘the trauma brain’:

1. Obsessive desire to be chosen by new romantic partners without any awareness of how you feel about the connection
2. Chronic social anxiety about how people perceive you
3. Need for constant distraction from the present moment through substance abuse social media scrolling, love/sex, or chronic daydreaming
4. Ego stories of self-judgment and comparison
5. A lack of self-trust that leads to procrastination and self-sabotage/shame cycles

When I read this I felt like the person who wrote it must have been observing me! I can identify with each of these.
From a self-coaching perspective, how do we move past these unhelpful behaviors? Does the trauma need to be addressed or is it irrelevant?

I would like to stop all of these behaviors!

I can see all of the obsessive behaviors I have and do.  I fixate on one thing or one person and it can last years, and I think about it non stop.  I get scared that when I stop, I’ll have to face up to me, and I think I find that boring?

I’m scared of not having something else to think about focus on/ distract myself.