Travel, and not choosing to feel overwhelmed.

I have lots of travel coming up in the next 30 days. Part of it is a wonderful vacation to Europe, then I go directly to New York where I will see a show with my Dad, and then the day after I get back I go to Chicago for a conference. I chose all these things, and they all have something wonderful to offer.

I find myself feeling panicked about being gone for so long (about three weeks). Panicked about not getting work done, about not being with my dog (who is a teenager in training) about just being out of pocket. I know it’s a choice, but I can’t find the right model to calm down my lizard brain.

Current Model

C – Travel
T – I’m going to be gone for so much, all these things won’t get done, etc.
F – Panic
A – Distracted state of mind?
R – Not be present and enjoy these great experiences.

Need help with a better model.

C – Travel
T – I’ve chosen each trip because it’s fabulous.
F – Excitement/Looking forward
A – Be present, enjoy and soak up all the great experiences
R – Have a fabulous time and return home with great experiences, fully charged up.

Help? Do I need to tweak my model?