Traveling full time and 500k future me.

I have been trying to get into the mind of the future me who has the massive results I desire.

I envision myself traveling full time with my family, homeschooling my kids and seeing the whole world while building both of businesses to 500k a year.

I believe in the possibility but not enough that I’m actually taking action on this goal as much as I think I need to take action on it to get it to that amount.

My thoughts look like

“I am ready for the day we travel full time with my business”
“Homeschooling will be so much fun with the kids”
“I will made 500k a year I’m my business working 15 to 20 hours a week”
“I have the most loving and supportive community around I and my kids.”
“I was made to be a 500k earner”

“I also have the belief that my current beliefs are not leading me to my desire life. “

Would love some help and maybe some direction in thoughts with my desire life. Thank you