Treated like trash

My 11 year old daughter has blown me off twice this week. Its pissing me off but I’m also hurt because she seems to have no clue that she’s being hurtful. She thinks nothing of telling me that she doesn’t want me around or she wants to do something with her father instead.

I’m really upset and angry and hurt. And quite frankly, sick of being treated this way by my daughters. I know there is a natural pull away from mothers but it doesn’t make it easier to take. And my husband has no clue about how I’m feeling and basically thinks I’m over reacting.

Not sure how to deal with this. I don’t want to confront her because she’s shown how she truly feels. If I push she will just try to people please and pretend that she wants me around.

I’m really sick of being a mother sometimes. Its draining and not fulfilling. I’m tired of going through my day and feeling good and then being whacked with something like this and getting derailed. Honestly sometimes I wish I could just move away and only worry about me.