Tremendous Fear After Setting Impossible Goal

How do I create feelings of CERTAINTY around my needs being met, when I don’t believe it?

I have a nagging FEAR that if I truly dedicate all of the time it will take to achieve my IMPOSSIBLE GOAL (which is not related to income), that I will be neglecting my income-producing other career and that I will jeopardize my family’s security. Now that I want to and have a game plan “to leave the cave”, I have tremendous FEAR. What emotion should I be trying to generate to not feel fear? Certainty.


Am I supposed to let the fear be there, and push through, take the action, and accomplish the goal? If so, isn’t this reckless? It also seems selfish. Accomplishing my goal will not necessarily translate into income, and the time it took to work on achieving the impossible goal could have been dedicated to creating an exit strategy from my other career. As a side note, my high income career will be discontinued in about 3 years, when the man who sends me work retires. (Alternatively, I could take the company over when he retires, but this would be equivalent to climbing a ladder that is on the wrong wall.)

Would I be better off trying to solve for the money problem, and then tackle my IMPOSSIBLE GOAL so that I can accomplish the IMPOSSIBLE GOAL without this fear?

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.