so i still have a hard time to accept the fact that in love we also create love and attraction etc with our thoughts.
but don’t you think that some people trigger positive thoughts in us and some dont?

like i’m reading the book AFTER PASSION. its a typical romance book like shades of grey.
long story short:
she is a good girl
he is the bad guy
they fall in love and have this instant profound love and attraction. its soo good.
i somehow think that is a really excited love.

and i noticed how i tell myself a better story about my relationship like i take over some of the thoughts they have for each other to my relationship. and its great!
but there is still the thought that its just played. like my bf isn’t that badboy. if i would meet such a guy like in the book. and fall head over heals. that would be the real thing.

any thoughts on this?
would love your honesty about this!