Triggered by phone call with bank

I’d love to get your thoughts on my Model and the R line:

C – Bank called to ask me to deposit money within the next hour otherwise they’ll charge a $35 overdraft fee
T – They shouldn’t be doing this to me
F – Angry
A – Tell the representative that I’ve been a loyal customer for over 10 years and just had a slip-up from over-donating last moth that I hadn’t accounted for, ask for the charge to be waived and am refused, decide that I’m done dealing with this bank and will move my business elsewhere if they can’t provide basic customer service, think that they are shaming me for not managing my money well, think that they have no empathy for the state of the world, think they’re being petty, think that they’re threatening me to deposit money within the hour when I told them I’m currently at work.
R – I make myself a victim?

I really feel like the victim here, and I know that I’m arguing with the reality of what is. After the call, I ended up switching banks because I was so upset. And even though I had been planning to switch banks anyway, I didn’t like how this situation riled me up. I definitely felt shame for getting charged an overdraft fee because I’m usually careful about money. I have also worked on money beliefs around being good with money, so this felt slightly triggering and I could feel myself get a little defensive in the interaction. Can you also help me with some bridge thoughts to think? I don’t want to victimize myself.