Triggers – Sister

I have been asking for coaching help on this before but I’m still having a hard time in the moment dealing with these feelings…. I do models on them before I go and I feel strong with my new thought and then…. that feeling goes away and I feel anxious/overwhelmed because I just can’t seem to keep my thought and I go back to an old negative one. I can’t seem to get to that new model and it dissolves in the moment. I truly want to be in a spot to let my sister judge me and be OK with that….but I can’t get there. Can you help me with a bridge thought?

C: Family dinner with my sister
T: My sister judges me and is always negative toward me
F: Anxious
A:Try to tip toe around her. Ask questions. Feel attacked. Withdraw. Ruminate. Create Negative Thoughts. Get headache. Become more anxious.
R: I judge myself and am negative toward myself.

C: Family dinner with my sister Julie
T: Let her be wrong about me. —-
F: self-confidence
A: ask questions, let comments slide
R: Be ok with me and my relationship with her.